5 Ways Your Lifestyle Could Be Ruining Your Skin

5 ways your skin could be ruining your life

Your skin is the largest organ of your body and did you know that it is actually the last organ to receive any nutrients or minerals? That’s right honey, every other cell and organ in our amazing bodies get first dibs on all the good stuff that we consume through what we eat and drink and poor ol’ skin gets the last little bits. That is why it is so important that we support our skin with organic, natural skin care and cosmetics that nourish and revitalise it.
Here are some common lifestyle factors that could be ruining your beautiful skin:

1. Diet

If you, like many other busy people today, are consuming meals that mostly come out of a packet, tin, jar or takeaway joint you are on, what us in the holistic health and wellness industry like to call, the SAD diet (Standard Australian/American Diet). Or maybe you don’t really eat at all? This is another massive issue. How can your skin glow and look amazing for you when you are not feeding your cells what they need so they can heal and revitalise your skin?
Solution: Honey, it is time to get off this awful diet and eat some beautiful, alive, nourishing whole food! Most of the stuff that comes out of those boxes, jars, tins, food places are highly processed, full of salt and sugar and mineral deficient. Ditch the supermarket and head to your local farmers markets, they are popping up everywhere these days. If you do not have time to go to markets then jump on Google and find a great grocer that delivers from the farm to your door. For your body and your skin to thrive it needs fresh, organic, alive food that comes from the closest thing to its natural source as possible.

2. Air-conditioning and/or heating

These guys suck the life out of our skin. Air-conditioning is a god sent on a hot summers day and the heaters keep our teeth from chattering to death on a cold winters day but these environmental regulators also dehydrate the ba-geebers (yep I just made up a word) out of our skin. Dehydration is one of the biggest causes to premature ageing. Now when I say dehydration I do mean water, a lot of people get confused and think that means that they need to use thicker creams, if you needed thicker creams generally we would be addressing a lack of oil not water. When our skin is dehydrated the skin cells that sit on your skin are flat, lines show up more easily, our skin can become a lot more sensitive and we have a very tired appearance. When our skin’s hydration is improved, the skin cells become fat and plump, our lines disappear or become less prominent and we have a more glowing appearance.
Solution: If you work in this kind of environment it is important that you are ensuring your skincare regime incorporates products that are going to assist the skin becoming hydrated especially when it is more than likely not going to receive it from what you are drinking as, 1. it is the last organ to get anything and, 2. most people are severely dehydrated anyway so all of the organs are crying out for some hydration, the skins got no chance!

3. Emotional Roller Coasters

Our emotions have a huge impact on our skin. When we are angry, our cheeks flush, blood rushes to our face, our bodies heat up. When we are sad or distressed again our bodies heat up, we sweat, we don’t eat properly, we don’t sleep. When we are stressed again we don’t sleep properly eat well, or at all, we can look flushed or pale depending on how our bodies react. When we are fearful we grow pale, our bodies cool down, you see where I am going with this right? Our emotions directly are affecting what is happening to our skin, where the nutrients in our bodies are being directed to, as if our bodies are in fight or flight response the last organ getting anything for certain is the skin, other organs might need it so you can run!
Solution: Having a look at and being conscious of what is happening to your skin in certain situations could shine a light on certain skin conditions like rosacea, psoriasis and eczema. By reducing and calming your emotional stressors you may quickly improve or reduce the severity of your skin conditions. It’s time to include stress reducing activities into your self care routine that bring about connection and self awareness like yoga, Tai Chi, Meditation and Qigong.

4. Your Skin Care Products

So we’ve already talked about this a little bit in the past when we spoke about the acid mantle and how you could be stripping yours. This plays such a big role in the appearance of your skin. Another thing that you need to consider when looking at your skin care products are the quality of products you are using. For starters if they are cheap and from the supermarket I can 100% guarantee that the quality of the ingredients are the cheapest of the cheap. I’m not saying that just because products are expensive they are good. Personally I don’t touch anything unless it is natural and/or organic. When it comes to skincare and makeup we are totally mislead and confused by this industry with green washing, Clever marketing and gorgeous airbrushed supermodels.
Solution: Get savvy baby and get to know what ingredients to avoid in your cosmetics and skin care. These days I do not buy anything until I have researched the ingredients and company and know for sure that what I am spending my hard earned dollars on are going to be good for my skin, body and the environment.

5. Your Social Life

Ok so I accept that some of you may not like me anymore after this point but it has to be said…alcohol is not your friend. It dehydrates your organs, including your skin, puts serious stress on your kidneys and liver and has no nutritional, physical or emotional benefits for you. There I said it! Same going for drugs including cigarettes.
Solution: If you are wanting clear beautiful, glowing skin it’s time to say bye bye to big nights out, binge drinking, drug taking, and late night takeaway. The positive of this is you can also say goodbye to dark bags under your eyes, skin conditions such as acne, rosacea, psoriasis and eczema and sallow lifeless skin and many many regrets from drunk night antics yay! It’s time to learn to say no after a couple or find new ways to have ridiculous fun with your friends that isn’t going to cost you your health or beautiful skin!

Well there you have it beauties, some tips on how your lifesytle could be affecting your skin and what you can do about it starting today.

To healthy & beauty,
Dani xxx


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