About Dani


Hello Im Dani

Forever Glow was born out of something bigger than myself. After having a number of friends suffer illnesses as deadly as cancer and autoimmune diseases, to severe skin irritations and sensitivities, I put my beauty therapist skills to work to find a solution. I quickly learned that up to 60% of what we put on our skin is absorbed directly into our blood stream and I quickly saw that what we do everyday in our beauty regimes was having a significant impact on our health.

I believe that every women has the right to look and feel beautiful. Using skincare and makeup products isn’t about changing the look of the person you see staring back at you in the mirror but the complete opposite, it’s about highlighting your best attributes, it’s about allowing your authentic self to shine brightly for the world to see.

I am on a mission to makeover women’s beauty cabinets!

Your skin deserves only the very best and I am here to help you convert your skincare and cosmetics to organic and toxic free products that are good for your health and for the environment.

My passion for beauty started when I was a young. I so badly wanted to be a model so my mum enrolled me in some deportment classes. But it probably started well beyond that as I started dancing when I was 3 and absolutely loved dressing up for eisteddfods. I loved the costumes, the hair and makeup.

In my deportment classes I learnt to do makeup, walk like a model and even got to do a photo shoot in the local newspaper. Unfortunately for me though I never grew much in height past the age of like 15 and my dreams of being a model dwindled but not my passion for beauty! I was always the one doing hair and makeup for my friends for school discos or just because.

Fast forward to the end of high school a gap year and 6 months backpacking around Europe and my dream career was revealed to me- I wanted to be a beauty therapist! I loved beauty school and quickly I rose to the top of the class. I was a walking beauty dictionary of every ingredient, nutrient and treatment for the skin and body. I was so in my element and even was awarded Student of the Year.

Once out in salons I quickly learnt that it wasn’t just what products clients where using that affected their skin but also their diets and there lifestyle. I love helping people and I quickly took on the role as not only beauty therapist but counselor for my clients as well. I wanted to really make a big impact in people’s lives and I aspired to work with dermatologists helping people with severe skin conditions.

I decided to take a break from beauty for a few years and pursued a great career in HR. Again I was helping people but obviously in a corporate environment this time. I worked for a huge retail chain training staff and worked for some amazing thought leaders who are doing great things in their industry.

All this time beauty still remained on my radar. I would do my friends and families makeup for special events and nights out, I constantly read about it and also started taking a lot of interest in health and wellness. I started studying a holistic health coaching course and that is when everything finally clicked for me and made sense.

Beauty comes from the inside.

Yes! What we put on our skin has a huge impact on how we look but our inner health; physiologically and mentally has an even bigger impact.

I have created a community here where I teach women about ‘conscious beauty’. It’s about loving and appreciating every part of yourself and only settling for the very best. From the food you put in your mouth to the products you put on your skin. It’s about being conscious of our environmental impact on the planet. It’s about letting your authentic self shine through. I am determined to show the world that ‘conscious beauties’ wear red lipstick and stilettos.

It’s sexy to care about your body and the environment.

I cannot wait to meet you. I cannot wait for you to try these amazing products that I have sourced, researched, trialed, tested and studied. I believe that you will get amazing results from the Organicspa skincare range and I know that you will just fall in love with Zuii cosmetics. Scotch Naturals nail polishes are funky, fun and toxic free, painting your nails with Scotch will be the most pleasurable nail painting experience you have ever had. They are fragrance free! Truly! Plus they come in a range of stunning colours, you never have to have dull nails again. Ecotan is the perfect solution to white skin. No more harmful chemicals on your skin or orange stained skin. It is truly the most beautiful fake tan range I have ever worked with and it is 100% certified organic!

Your skin truly will start to glow using toxic free products!

Beauty starts on the inside gorgeous and it’s time for you to shine!