Abundance Mindset To Weightloss

abundance mindset to weightloss

Guest Post by Tahlee Rouillon

The prevailing “wisdom” around weight loss is one of calories in < calories out. Which means you either need to restrict your caloric intake or increase your caloric output.
The problem with this restrictive plan is that it feels just like that. Like a constraint. Like a boa constrictor of choices, slowly squeezing the weight and life right out of you. For years, I always felt like eating healthy or any kind of diet was “so unfair”. Why couldn’t I just eat whatever I wanted and sloth about the house and not get fat? Why couldn’t getting thin be so effortless like it seemed to be for everyone else? I knew lots of people who ate whatever they wanted and never got fat.

Or so I thought.

It never occurred to me that a restrictive approach to eating resulted in this mood of resentment. And resentment is never a good motivator. Things either don’t get done, or they get done with a maximum of strife and struggle. You’ll know what I mean if you’ve ever asked a 4 year old to clean up their room on a sunny day :)

So what if you could eat whatever you wanted and not get fat? What if weight loss really could be effortless?

I think it’s possible. Hear me out.

When you do a 180 on restriction mindset, you get abundance. When you have an abundance mindset, then the mood of resentment gets transformed into a mood of flowing joy. And when we can embody that mood, all our actions stem effortlessly toward our goal.

WTF is an embodied mood?

I’m glad you asked.

Imagine a feeling of resentment. How are you feeling inside? How does your body feel? What does a body full of resentment look like? Mine feels hunched, simmering, gripping, just waiting to rebel.

(Ah rebellion. The last bastion of escape for when we feel controlled).

You’ve been controlling what you eat and then BAM, out of left field, you’ve finished a packet of Tim Tams without even thinking. Or you’ve lost weight and now you’ve “finished” the diet and are “free” to eat “normally” again. Hello yo-yo.

I think I can safely conclude: (Restriction = resentment = rebellion) x infinity

“Gah! Let me out of this R loop!”

Ok. Let’s do a 180 and embody flowing joy. How does that mood feel inside your body? Do you stand differently? Act differently? What does a body full of flowing joy look like? Mine feels tall, grounded, calm and blissed out. How does flowing joy act?

Flowing joy eats food that nourishes and cleanses. Flowing joy moves blissfully each day. Flowing joy eats only when hungry and only til full. Flowing joy thinks happy thoughts. Flowing joy relates to others better. Flowing joy relates to itself with loving kindness.

When you have an abundance mindset and are in a mood of flowing joy, you eat whatever you want, BUT, you naturally want food that brings you joy. You feel motivated to exercise. You’re more grounded, loving and compassionate towards yourself and others.

And the beautifully ironic gift of an abundance mindset is that you feel so good, that you don’t really care about how much you weigh. And your weight goes down effortlessly because you’re taking such good care of yourself.

Therefore: (Abundance = flowing joy = effortless weight loss) x who cares coz I feel so damn good.

It seems paradoxical, but give it a try. You deserve to feel this good.

TahleeTahlee Rouillon is the instigator of The Attitude Revolution – a site for men and women who are sick and tired of the cycle of dieting, bingeing and self-loathing to do a 180 towards loving who they are and the bodies they’re in.

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