Beauty Cabinet Makeovers

shutterstock_113100679Let me makeover your skincare and makeup cabinet baby!

Do you know that your skincare and makeup products contain scary amounts of carcinogenic and toxic ingredients?  They do, and these ingredients are polluting your body, overloading your liver and ageing your skin & your body. True story!

    • Do you need help on swapping your products over but have no idea what brand to buy or what products are right for your skincare needs? 
    • Have you already tried organic or natural products only to find they don’t give you the results they promise?
    • Do you eat really well, use natural products already but your skin just isn’t as vibrant and youthful as you’d like it to be?

Have no fear Dani is here!

Benefits of having a cabinet makeover:

All the hard work of reading ingredients, trying to find ‘the right brands‘ that are sustainable, natural and healthy for your specific skin type is done for you. My Beauty Cabinet Makeovers are quick and affordable!

If you are on a budget that is fine. I will provide you with a personalised prescription of skincare and makeup products for you. You will always have your prescription to refer back to.

The products I recommend are organic or, if not certified organic, naturally derived and toxic free. They are good for you and the environment! I have a very strict standard of ingredients, click here to have a look at the ingredients you will not find in any of the products I stock and recommend for you.

I value the expertise and science-based research of The Environmental Working Group and cosmetic science to help maintain my high product standards.

How it works:

Purchase your Beauty Cabinet Makeover.
Within 24 hours I will contact you and ask you to fill in a consultation form. In this form you will list the products you are currently using, any skin or health conditions, a picture of your skin (specific instructions included in form) and some other super important information so that I can customise a prescription just for you.
We will then organise your Skype consultation where I will then present you with your ‘personalised skincare prescription‘ which includes a detailed list of the products I recommend for you as well as some skin beautifying and supporting dietary recommendations. In this consult I can answer any of your questions and explain to you how to use all of your products.* Skype consultations are approx 60 mins.


What you get:

Prescribed skincare products for your skin type and concerns
Prescribed makeup products for your skin type and concerns
Health and Lifestyle recommendations based on your skin concerns and to prevent premature ageing and any other harm that may be caused to your skin due to lifestyle factors
Personalised skincare advice from an organic beauty therapist and holistic health coach from the comfort of your own home
One-on-one Skype consultation

Down to business:

You are  probably wondering how much this will cost right? Well I can tell you right now gorgeous that I want Beauty Cabinet Makeovers to be available to everyone as I am so passionate about women living healthy, happy lives that don’t cost the earth or your health. I really want to help you stop premature aging, eczema, psoriasis and overloading your body with toxic ingredients from your conventional skincare and makeup products. I want you to look your best and I want you to make sure that you are approaching your health and beauty through an holistic approach. That is why not only does your personalised skincare prescription include product recommendations but dietary ones as well. There is no where else you can get this information packaged and personalised to your specific needs. How awesome is that?

There is nobody offering what you will find here.


As an organic beauty therapist and holistic health coach I am giving you a totally personalised holistic prescription for your skincare needs. This is going to save you hours and dollars searching and experimenting! Phew!

Please keep in mind that just like the seasons change so does your skin. This can be due to the actual seasons (winter, summer, autumn, spring), diet, stress, age, health etc. You may need to change your skincare routine and diet at these times to support your body and I can help you with that also. I offer all follow up appointments a discounted price. This is because I want to ensure that you are supporting your skin and body gorgeous one!

Contact me today if you have any questions.

To book your appointment for your Beauty Cabinet Makeover contact me here.