Beauty Food: 6 Taste Bud Tantalising Foodie Sites

What is happening on the inside of the body has a direct relationship to what we see happening on the outside of your bodies. Our skin is like a window. It shows us with things such as fine lines, breakouts and redness when something is up. Diet has such a huge impact on our bodies ability to heal, regenerate healthy cells, detoxify and uptake the vitamins, minerals and nutrients we are ingesting in our food and therefore what our skin looks like. Your beauty does shine from the inside out, as well as from the outside in. With such a strong relationship between these two it is so important that we only put in our bodies whole, nourishing foods and put onto our skin clean, natural products.
I get asked a lot for recipes and for diet advice. I do not believe that one way of eating is right for everyone and I also believe that our diet needs to change depending on our lifestyle, the season and our health. So today I wanted to share with you my top 6 foodie sites, my go to people, for delicious and nutritious food. I hope you enjoy!




Teresa is a qualified chef, personal trainer and nutritionalist. Her recipes are delicious and easy no weird tricky ingredients in her recipes, you don’t count superfoods as those do you? She has a huge range of recipes to choose from on her site ranging from your three meals a day to snacks and dips. I always get a zillion compliments whenever I wihip up any of her recipes, even from the hubby he’s my biggest critic! She also has a great free smoothie e-book! Jump over to her site now and check her out




Oh.My.Gosh. This lady knows how to make some absolutely mouth watering deserts! You will need a dehydrator for some of her recipes but a lot of the time you can use your oven in place of this. Seriously check out some of the amazing creations she has put together and make sure you follow her on Instagram #fragrantvanillacake. She is always putting pictures up to tantelise your taste buds! Well that’s what happens to mine! Go to her site and see for yourself.




Lola is my favourite Australian nutritionist. She is so down to earth, funny and quirky. I totally love her whole food philosophy and she has some great recipes and how to videos on youtube. Lola has also written some great recipe books and her recent health and wellness book The 20/20 diet is a great read. Check her out at you will love her!




Gosh there are some talented people out there, they can just through together simple ingredients and it is delicious! Jules at Stone Soup is no exception and she makes eating delicious, nutritious food so simple. Most of the time I have all the ingredients and can just through it together, I love that! Check her site out at and make sure you check out her e-books!




This lady is a whiz in the kitchen. Seriously. You will spend hours scrolling through the pages upon pages of amazing vegan recipes. Yes I said Vegan and don’t knock it until you have tried them they are amazing and healthy! Do not make the mistake of not checking out her site she has an amazing healing journey that you should read and give her recipes a go you will be super impressed!




I’ve only just recently stumbled across Shae and her amazing site and oh golly am I glad I have! She takes the most beautiful pictures of her creations and her health and wellness philosophy is pretty awesome as well. Shae is on a wellness journey after being diagnosed with Celiac disease and is healing through healthy food and lifestyle. Check out her beautiful site at

Wow right? Seriously some drool candy going on with this post today. I get it. Am I making you hungry? Sorry about that. I just get so excited about healthy food. I really hope I have shown you here today that eating healthy is NOT boring. It is not just all green salads and dried fruit and it is not HARD. It is EXCITING, TANTALISING and DELICIOUS!! Ok, sorry I am yelling but I just get so excited about guilt free eating! It is the best feeling.

I would so love your feedback about these foodie sites. Have you tried any of their recipes? What are your favourite foodie site?

To Health & Beauty,
Dani xxx

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  1. Jacky June 27, 2013 at 3:52 am #

    Great post, Dani! I have seen a couple of these sites before but you have just opened up an even bigger world of amazing recipes for me! This rainy Sydney weather is perfect for experimenting in the kitchen too. Thank you :)

  2. foreverglow June 27, 2013 at 3:54 am #

    Yay! I am so happy Jacky. Enjoy your weekend cooking :) xxx

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