Body Image Detox


Body Image Detox

Spring is only 3 days, 79 hours and 4797 minutes away (ok maybe less by the time you read this). I love this time of year, if you can’t already tell. The energy in the air is different, people’s spirits are up and we can venture outdoors again. We have had glorious days of blue skies and warm sunshine in my home town and I just cannot wait to say “sayonara” to winter.

Unfortunately this time of year is also when we start to hear dreaded phrases like “losing the winter weight”, “spring clean” and “detox”. The reason for this is that this time of year our bodies naturally start to detox, as more and more beautiful green leafy foods come into season and onto our dinner plates they support our system in detoxifying and alkalising ready for the warm weather ahead. That’s totally fine and makes sense right, but that only covers our body. What about our body image?

If you’re anything like me and my soul sister Tahlee from The Attitude Revolution, then you’ve suffered from poor body image in the past. Maybe you  do still? Tahlee and I both know what impact poor body image can have (it affects EVERYTHING!) and we’ve both done (and still do) a lot of work to be able to turn our frowns upside down when we look at our reflections in the mirror. So we’ve put our heads together and designed something really exciting for y’all. A free webinar to help you detox YOUR body image this Spring! We’ll share our personal journey’s of how we transformed our body image & learned to love what our mammas gave us.

Plus you’ll learn:

  • How to glow inside AND out;
  • How to do a 180 from self loathing to self love; and
  • The two most important factors for rocking your body, right now!

It’s gonna be super fun (Tahlee and I always have a blast together), interactive (you’ll get A’s to your Q’s) and insightful (we’re all about practical wisdom!) Click here to register – remember it’s free, free, free! Don’t delay because places are limited and we wouldn’t want you to miss out.

With Tahlee being a revolutionary body love ambassador and my health coaching and beauty knowledge we know that this Spring is going to be like no other for you!

PS – This event is part of Body Image Awareness Week. Check out the fabulous work of the Butterfly Foundation who support Australians experiencing eating disorders.

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