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Product Review: Zuii Certified Organic Flora Liquid Foundation

  When I came across a makeup brand that has a tagline of”Wear Flowers On Your Face” I had to put it to the test and I was not disappointed. It really was like wearing beautifully scented flowers on my face everytime I applied the beautiful and luscious Flora Liquid Foundation. To be honest it […]

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Product Review: Miod’s Rejuvenating Face Oil

“Pure, honest and 100% natural skincare that nourishes the skin and respects the environment”. As soon as I read the philosophy behind this beautiful handmade skincare range I was in love. Focusing on the use of nutrient rich, certified organic, cold pressed plant oils and essential oils, all of the products in the Miod range […]

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Beauty Food: 6 Taste Bud Tantalising Foodie Sites

What is happening on the inside of the body has a direct relationship to what we see happening on the outside of your bodies. Our skin is like a window. It shows us with things such as fine lines, breakouts and redness when something is up. Diet has such a huge impact on our bodies […]

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Friday I’m In Love

Welcome to the first segment of ‘Friday I’m In Love’, I love that song by The Cure don’t you? Plus who doesn’t love Fridays, so I thought I would add some sparkle to it.  Q & A Guest Interview I was so honored to be featured on the beautiful Health and Wellness site Ray of Sunshine Wellness […]

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5 Ways Your Lifestyle Could Be Ruining Your Skin

Your skin is the largest organ of your body and did you know that it is actually the last organ to receive any nutrients or minerals? That’s right honey, every other cell and organ in our amazing bodies get first dibs on all the good stuff that we consume through what we eat and drink […]

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Guest Posting on The Wellness Warrior- Is Beauty Only Skin Deep?

I was so priveledged to be featured on The Wellness Warrior last week for a guest post. Jump on over and check out my article ‘Is Beauty Only Skin Deep?‘ and let me know what you think! To Health & Beauty, Dani xx

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