Cheesy Kale Superfood Chips

Cheesy kale chips

Kale is seriously gods gift to humans and I am going to share with you a super nutritious and delicious recipe today.

I am so excited as I have recently purchased a dehydrator! I have been eyeing off one of these babies for a while and decided to purchase a cheaper version to start off with to get the hang of things and ensure that I love the whole dehydrating foods thing! Just like the universe always does it delivered a great deal that I ust couldn’t defuse and I picked up my little baby for a mere $80 in a sale on the weekend! Ever since I have brought her home we have been experimenting with dehydrating and looking up countless recipes! The recipe I am sharing today is some scrumptious Cheesy Kale Chips, I have attempted Kale chips in the oven before but was not too successful (they were not as green that is for sure, more black in colour!) ok so I burnt most some of them they still tasted great but not as great as THESE babies that I whipped together this week. Kale is one of my all time favourite superfoods it is so super duper healthy for you (see nutritional benefits below).




+ 1 bunch of Kale (any kind)

+ 1- 2 Tbl Coconut Oil

+ 1/3 – 1/2 cup of Nutritional Yeast (this gives the cheesy taste)

+ Himalayan Sea Salt (or Celtic)




First we need to wash the Kale properly, making sure no little bugs or dirt are hiding in the leaves then destem Kale, I like to use a knife and cut along the stem as then you have nice even pieces I am a little bit of a perfectionist. If using an over preheat it at 175 Celcius. Cut Kale into small bite size chip pieces. In this weather (winter) you will find that the coconut oil has solidifed you can melt it by heating it quickly in a saucepan. Put cut up Kale in large bowl and drizzle melted oil on it in parts, rub oil into the leaves of the kale making sure they are well covered, not saturated in it though, you just want them all to have a light film. Grind the salt over Kale and again rub into Kale ensuring they all have a very light cover, I then tipped the yeast in and tossed with the Kale making sure all was lightly covered in the yeast.

Lay Kale out on dehydrating trays (or oven trays if using oven), ensuring none are touching, it is best to make sure all trays are used to ensure the Kale is dried evenly. Check the instruction manual of your dehydrator for the setting you need to put it on for vegetables, mine is setting 2, and it is suggested that you rotate the trays every 3-4 hours. My Kale took approx 6-8 hours (I was a little busy and forgot to check the time when they went it!) to get nice and krispy. If using the oven, place the trays in for approx 5 minutes, keep an eye on it to ensure they are not buring, after 5 mins use tongs to turn the kale over and cook for another 5 minutes.

Make sure once dehydrated that you let them cool and keep in a nice air tight container, I put mine in a air tight jar.

kaleHealth Benefits:

Kale is my most favourite green veggie. This harmless looking fella is jammed packed with goodness for your body! It is full of-
Iron has more per calorie than beef!)
Vitamin C
Vitamin K (helps protect against various cancers and increases in this vitamin assists those with alzhiemers disease
Vitamin A (helps with vision)
Antioxidants such as carotenoids and flavonoids help protect against various cancers
Calcium (yes that’s right- per calorie it has more than milk!)
Omega 3’s having an anti- inflammatory effect on the body
Cardiovascula support (helps lower cholestrol)

Nutritional Yeast an amazing food, we use it alot in the place of cheese due to its nutritional benefits it is similar in tast to parmesan I guess. It tastes great on popcorn too. Also please don’t get confused just because it has yeast in its name does not mean the Candida type! Nutritional yeast is grown on beet sugar and molasses, fermented and dried.Give it a try! It is full of-

Vitamin B12 (it is one of the few food sources with this nutrient that doesn’t come from animals) and other B vitamins
Gluten Free
18 amino acids including protein, foelic acid and biotin
15 minerals including iron, magnesium, phorphorus, zinc, chromium, and selenium

Enjoy! I would love to hear how they went and if you enjoyed the cheesy version? Please leave me some comments!

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