Defining ‘Conscious Beauty’

What is conscious beauty

We are constantly bombarded by images of supermodels, perfect skin and perfect bodies in the media, but what I have noticed personally and with my clients is that beauty is subjective. It is something that we all want to ‘achieve’ but how we define it and what it looks like for us is different. Whether it’s the thicker shinier hair, bigger bust, tinier waist, clear glowing skin or whatever, we see it as something external from us and something that we are striving for. It feels hard, unattainable, and something we need to ‘work’ towards. But what if we looked at beauty differently. What if we started treating ourselves as if we were already beautiful (because you are by the way- spoiler alert!).

Something I talk to my clients about and write about is the term I’ve dubbed Conscious Beauty. Conscious Beauty is about loving and accepting yourself as you are now. It is about only using skincare and cosmetic products that are good for your health and the environment. But Conscious Beauty also stems out so much farther than that. Conscious Beauty comes down to the food you put on your plate, the words you think and speak to yourself and others and the foot prints you leave in the world and on the planet.

Beauty is not just an aesthetic thing – that I am super passionate about. Beauty glows and beams from an individual. You know what I am talking about we have all seen her. She walks in the room and she glows, her skin shines sure, but her eyes glow, she radiates an energy that draws you in. It’s not just about looks, it’s personality, and it’s the vibe she sets off. It’s her intelligence, her sense of humor, the work she does, the kindness of her heart. She seems to be it all. You want to be her because she seems to have it all figured out, she’s making a big difference in this world. But you’re that girl!

Gone are the days of the Barbie girl with the bleach blonde hair, perfect fake tan and the big fake (cough) ahem you know the girl I’m describing right? Women are changing, we are evolving. We are feeling a calling. And it’s so much bigger than us. We want to change the world. Quite literally. Women are stepping up. Speaking up. Moving up. It’s darn sexy now to care about where your products are coming from and if they are fair trade, if it’s organic, locally made and certified organic. It’s darn sexy to make sure that all of your skincare and cosmetics are cruelty free and toxic free. It is out decisions and our shopping choices that are shaping a nation, are changing quite literally the face of our planet. We are the role models for the generations following after us.

Conscious Beauty encompasses all of this and what you look like should mean that you look healthy, vibrant and glowing. It doesn’t matter if you’re not a size 8, with perfect skin and perfect hair. I also want to make clear that being a Conscious Beauty doesn’t mean that you have to dress like a hippy and move to a commune in the mountains. If you want to do that by all means do! But for a lot of us this isn’t an option. We need to accept that this is the world we live in today. We are blessed with all of the modern conveniences that we have but it’s important that we find a balance that our mod-cons are not at the expense of our health or the planets. Being a Conscious Beauty means that you can still wear the latest fashions, wear lipstick, high heels and have the latest haircut, whilst enjoying all of the perks of the 21st century. Check out the 6 steps below to help you well and truly get on your way to Conscious Beauty status:

  1. Buy local, Australian Made or Fair Trade. This not only goes for your skin care and cosmetics products, but clothes, jewelry and hair care needs (to name a few). When you are out hitting the shops looking for that perfect outfit for this weekend’s event or hot date it is really important that this is front of mind. Support local up and coming fashion designers, small businesses or at least ensure what you are buying is fair trade and hasn’t been made in a sweat shop in some 3rd world country. Every dollar you spend can either have positive effect on our planet and the sustainability of our economy and our world or a negative impact. Take interest in where your money is going and what impact it is going to have on the world. Resist impulse buying. Find companies you trust and that take interest in giving back to communities and causes that are going to support a healthier, happier world.
  2. Choose Cruelty Free: Say no to products being tested on poor innocent little animals in test labs. Gone are the days that these barbaric antics are required. Choose products that are natural and not chemically made and you eliminate the need to even have to test products to ensure humans don’t react severely to them. Gosh don’t even get me started on this band wagon! You can find a plethora of other reasons why choosing cruelty free is the way to go for all Conscious Beauties here at Choose Cruelty Frees website. It is definitely worth educating yourself on this and finding product companies that are conscious and are doing the right thing by our fury friends and support them by purchasing their products only.
  3. Is this Environmentally Friendly? We live in a consumerist world, where these days it is cheaper to buy a brand new car than it is to maintain and drive a 10+ year old car. What?! And that goes for about anything right? TV’s only last about 2 years, your mobile phone the same. Clothes are super cheap thanks to the price wars of retailers like Big W, Target, Kmart, Myer and David Jones. Everything we buy contains mass amounts of unusable packaging and it all becomes a bit much I think. These days when I make purchases I look at it from an environment perspective. I try and make the best decision I can for our planet with the money I have. Do I really need to buy a new piece of furniture or can I support a small local business and buy a piece that has been up cycled? Should I buy the cheapest option or choose the one that is made from recycled materials and a little more expensive? Make the best decision you can with the money you have. Make conscious choices that are not only going to help make you look better but our planet too.
  4. Look for Organic Certification: This is one of my big ‘no negotiable’ things. You cannot be sure what you are buying, especially when it comes to food and skincare products unless it has a certification label on it. Please note that these certifications do not come cheaply so please support small, local businesses where you can, just make sure you are savvy about it and make sure you ask a lot of questions about whether the food or ingredients are sprayed with pesticides, find out where they are grown and how the products are handled. Choosing organic products means that they are gentler on our planet, do not harm our waterways and the animals & plant life that live upon the planet too. It means also that it is better for your health which is a massive bonus when it comes to beauty. If it’s good for our planet then it is good for you. It’s about time we started living in sync with nature and not against it. Choose organic products where you can, seek out organic farms in your local area and support companies that use organic ingredients in their products.
  5. Change your thoughts, change your life: Wayne Dyer wrote a book on it, and thousands of experts from New Age to modern day doctors talk about the power of meditation and positive thinking. Turn that frown upside down gorgeous. The power of the mind is phenomenal. You truly can choose how you are going to feel and respond in any given situation. Instead of responding from a place of reaction, anger, hurt or defense approach each situation and challenge with love. Gabrielle Bernstein is the master of this, take it from a drug addict turned spirit junkie this girl will show you how your relationships are your biggest teachers and how you can learn and grow from every situation you are faced with. Self-care and self-love is key to changing your thoughts and embracing the life of a Conscious Beauty. It won’t happen overnight but with a lot of love in your heart, patience and persistence it will happen! Get your butt on your meditation cushion and get your Om on, still that monkey mind and watch your life transform before your very eyes.
  6. Be the change you want to see in the world. I mean it. It is easier than you think to become a Conscious beauty. We’ve all heard the about saying right? But practicing what you preach speaks miles. So instead of complaining about all the injustices in the world, become a part of a charity or organization that helps raise funds to make a difference to that cause. Practice meditation, speak kind words. Choose products that don’t harm animals, the planet or your health. Choose to stand out and be different. To speak up for what is right- which may not always be what is ‘cool’.

Being a Conscious Beauty will not only look good on you, but you will start to glow, you will start to feel good and you will start focusing on things so much more than your external reflection, though I must admit that you will probably be rewarded with glowing skin and a smaller waist by making the above Conscious Beauty choices. On top of that you will be making a huge difference in this world and I know for a fact that people will be commenting on how you’ve changed and want to know what you are doing differently. It’s time to jump on the Conscious Beauty train, join me?

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