Do You Have A Problem Stripping?


Before I became a beauty therapist I would go out and buy the latest fab skincare products that I saw plastered all over the TV and billboards, self-prescribe (pick off the shelf) whatever cleanser, moisturiser and exfoliant I thought I needed and be on my merry way thinking I was doing great things for my skin. When my skin felt too dry I would blame it on the weather, when it was too oily I would think it was because my skin was being a biatch trying to make me look crap for the party or red-hot-date I had on the weekend. I never once considered that how my skin was reacting was because of what I may have been doing to it through the products I was using.

Our skin is surrounded by an amazing little layer called the Acid Mantle, that is not only your face but your whole body. It is made up of sweat, dead skin cells and sebum (oil) and is quite delicate as any disruption to the pH level will have you experiencing all sorts of crappy skin conditions from excessive oiliness, pimples, dehydration, tightness, redness, even eczema. As mentioned above the acid mantle has a pH, it prefers to be slightly more acidic than the inside of our body ranging between 4.5 and 6.0. The acid mantle’s pH does change throughout childhood, puberty and into adulthood with it being less acidic in childhood.

The acid mantles job is to keep our skin hydrated, keep dirt and bacteria from penetrating into our skin and to keep our skin moisturised, plump and glowing. Its acidic nature makes it hard for bacteria to survive there, keeping you protected from environmental factors.

As the acid mantle is super delicate and a lot of us strip our acid mantles daily and we don’t even realise it, especially in winter, here’s are the 2 most common ways how:

  • Hot showers: ever notice that after a hot shower the skin on your arms and legs feel really dry and you feel like you need to apply moisturiser straight away? Well that is an indication that you have stripped your acid mantle. Can you imagine how your poor little face feels after being splashed with such hot water also? The skin on our face, neck and décolletage (chest) is a lot thinner than on the rest of our bodies. I have seen so many red aggravated skins from too hot of a shower. Our face especially prefers luke warm water. Turn down the heat and watch your skin thrive.
  • Using the wrong cleanser for your skin type: This one is pretty self-explanatory. If you are not using the right products you are stripping your acid mantle. full.stop.  Our bodies are so amazing and constantly only want to do the best for us right? So did you know that for example, if you are a normal to dry skin and you are using a foaming cleanser for an oily skin type you are stripping your acid mantle and guess what your body will do to substitute the protective layer you are washing away? It starts producing more sebum (oil)! Yep that is right, all of a sudden you very well could have oily skin because your body’s just getting the message that it needs more oil to protect itself. Amazing right!? If after cleansing your skin you have a tight, squeaky clean feel to your skin, you more than likely are stripping your acid mantle. Time to book in with me gorgeous for a skincare makeover.

Continuous stripping of your acid mantle can lead to red, aggravated, sensitive skin and pre mature ageing. It could also mean that you have regular breakouts. So it’s best to start looking into your routine now and make some adjustments if necessary.

If all of this has made a light bulb go off in your head and you are guiltily looking around hoping no-one has just found out that you have been doing this to your amazing body, don’t fear my love we can fix this quick smart.

First thing is to start having cooler showers and using the correct products for your skin. Some great products to use for regulating the sebum production of your skin and for balancing out the pH of your skin are some great oils:

  • Jojoba Oil: This oil is the closest oil to our natural sebum. By using this oil as your moisturiser you will quickly see how your skins oil production balances out. Both dry and oily skins can use this. I have recommended this to many of an oily skin, I know if you are an oily skin the idea of using oil is freakay but trust me it is amazing. My man has a very oily skin and he hates using anything else these days. A great brand that I use is from The Jojoba Company you can purchase their pure Australian Jojoba Oil from $19.95 a little bottle lasted my husband and I at least 3 months and that was with both of us using it daily.
  • Olive Squalene: This is derived from Olive Oil and is quite similar in its molecular structure as Jojoba Oil, meaning it works in much of the same way and is very similar to our natural sebum. This oil is great for restoring and balancing the natural moisturising factor (NMF) of the skin.  The brand I love is the Olive Squalene is Remedica, theirs is a blended with Jojoba Oil too so you get the best of both oils!

Like everything I speak about, a holistic approach to your skincare is much needed when it comes to having slamming, gorgeous, glowing skin. Make sure that you are also eating lots of whole, nutritious foods (processed foods are so 2009) and that you are not exposing your skin to harsh environmental conditions, like sun burn, heaters on your face or air-conditioning 24 hours a day. Also your emotional state is going to have a huge impact on your skin. Just think about it, when we get angry our skin goes read, fearful it grows pale and when we are healthy it is glowing. Look at what you are thinking and experiencing emotionally also when it comes to your health and beauty.

Are you stripping your skin? Any questions? Let me know.

To Health & beauty,
Dani xx

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