Embracing Your True Beauty

Embracing your true beauty

Guest Post by Neralee Flanagan

Women have always had an interesting relationship with the way they look. This relationship can be fairly amicable and harmonious at times, and at others, it can be downright volatile. As a holistic beauty therapist of 12 years and woman of 30, I have spent a lot of time reflecting on what beauty means to me and I have discovered that one of the most important things we must do is begin healing the way we feel about how we look.

Now I am a big believer and advocate for natural products and alternatives. I believe that the best way to alleviate dis-ease in the skin and maintain skin health is to look to and trust in Mother Nature’s wisdom. But to me, true beauty is about unapologetically embracing who you are – in your heart – and then giving yourself the permission to let that shine through.

Now before we go on – I must make this clear – I am talking about embracing who you really are. Not who you will be when you change/fix/make longer/smaller/bigger/smoother/younger/firmer [insert body part here] – but who you are – as is. True beauty is about making peace with where you are at, forgiving your past, releasing all judgement, letting go of all that does not serve you and then melting into that space of self-acceptance and love towards your body, skin, mind and spirit. It is about opening your heart – to yourself.

Now girlfriend, this is a huge undertaking. And I know it seems easier to just apply that expensive miracle cream full of shiny, wonderful promises and then there is always the extreme failsafe of botox, fillers, lasers, surgery, etc (eek!). But does the easy road ever create long-lasting inner peace with the way we look? Maybe for some? But what I have found is that the deeper we turn inwards, the more powerful the shifts that occur – including the way we see the world and the way we see ourselves in it.

When we begin to associate true beauty with the development of creating a loving connection with ourselves, we begin to heal. This is directly translated to healing our skin, body, and the relationship we have with ourselves and the way we look. The following is what I have learnt about healing the way I feel about how I look. I hope you find it useful on your journey beautiful one and I hope you find the courage to unapologetically embrace who you are and the way you look – cause your gorgeous!

  1. Living from self-acceptance and love is directly reflected in the choices we make – what we choose to eat, drink, how we choose to breathe, relax, move our bodies, what we choose to think about ourselves and others – especially other women.
  2. There is no quick fix, no miracle cream, no set time limit
  3. Nobody is better qualified to know what your heart desires than you
  4. Our skin not only reflects the health of our physical body but also our mind and spirit
  5. Every woman is uniquely beautiful – she just doesn’t realise it yet
  6. Your most beautiful characteristic will always be your loving heart
  7. We need to harness all the energy and time we spend on wanting to look differently and use it for loving good and not loathing evil
  8. When you live everyday form self-acceptance and love you are going to be way too busy loving life to worry about that blemish, wrinkle or stretch mark.


How is your relationship with your body and your external beauty? How can you practice self-love and acceptance of who you are not? Did you like this post? Please share the love and leave a comment in the comments box below.

To Health & Beauty,

Dani xxx


Neralee Flanagan is a Brisbane-based holistic beauty therapist on a heartfelt mission to make every woman feel beautiful in their own skin naturally.


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  1. Jenny June 27, 2013 at 3:42 am #

    I know first hand how hard it is to unconditionally accept who I am as opposed to who I think I should be or who I think others want me to be. Well written Nel! Great article and handy tips. You are one of the most beautiful, inside and out, people I know. Jx

  2. foreverglow June 27, 2013 at 3:55 am #

    Thank you so much for your beautiful comment Jenny and I am so glad you enjoyed Neralee’s post xx

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