Essential Oils

What are Essential Oils?

Pure Extracts from Plants

They are volatile aromatic copounds which are 50-70 times MORE powerful than herbs. 

Natures Defence

They are natures defence mechanism for plants and cells & have been used throughout history for their health benefits. 

Natural Alternative

They are safe, affordable & offer an alternative to synthetic remedies. Find out more about these incredible oils here.

Why doTERRA?


Their quality is second to none! Oils are grown and harvested in their natural habitats ensuring potency. Their Purity is guaranteed with their CPTG stamp. Each batch undergoes multiple third party testing for purity & will not be sold if not up to standards. With doTERRA you can even look up the batch of your oils to see where it came from and when. Find out more about this & their astringent testing standards here.


Essential oils help you take control of your health naturally. How? Well plants produce essential oils to fight threats such as mold, fungus, viruses, and bacteria. These incredible oils can penetrate the cell membrane & eliminate threats. They can reach the brain in 22 seconds, are in the blood stream in 2 mins & affect every cell in the body within 20 minutes. Just Amazing!


These oils costs only cents per drop (15ml 250 drops, 5ml 80 drops) compared to costly fees & prescriptions. Plus they are available in your home for immediate use.

Why I love doTERRA

Co-Impact Sourcing: doTERRA work with established farming communities in over 40+ countries using ethical, sustainable practices and supporting farmers. doTERRA has established relationships with these farming communities, creating coalitions of growers and distillers. With more than half of these countries facing economic and environmental challenges (such as Haiti, Guatemala, Madagascar, Somalia and Nepal), these coalitions allow for many lives to be impacted for the better. Watch the video below to hear more about it. Healing hands is doTERRA philanthropic side of the business check out the amazing work they are doing in these communities here

Community: when you join doTERRA you don’t just get amazing health therapeutic grade, pure essential oils, you also get access to our amazing community of passionate, friendly,  like minded people.  They come from all over the world, all different backgrounds and experiences and they love using their essential oils for almost everything! You will be able to ask for tips and recommendations for almost everything! I have never felt more understood and welcome than I did when I started my oily journey with this community and I continue to meet and make friends with amazing doterrians all the time! We also have amazing resources to share with you to support you with using your oils. You are never alone, there is always someone available to help you. To me this is the best customer service I could ask for (bad customer service is a real pet peeve of mine!) and I am happy to be able to be your person on your oily journey.

So how does it work?

Pick an Enrolment Kit

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Order Online

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Wait for your oils to arrive

Orders generally take only 3-7 business days to arrive. While you wait you will receive a welcome pack with lots of resources and information and we will book in your Wellness Consult. To find out about this click here.