Go Green With Your Beauty Routine

Go Green With Your Beauty Routine


Regular readers of Forever Glow know how passionate I am about every woman ditching the toxins from here beauty cabinet and switching to natural, organic skincare and cosmetic products. Today I have a video for you to watch from Huffington Post. Here they are interviewing celebrity makeup artist Katey Denno.

She talks about the 5 most common harmful ingredients that we find in all conventional beauty products- Petroleum, Phthalates, Formaldehyde and DEA/TEA.

I don’t agree with Katey when she says synthetic ingredients in our beauty products are ok because basically there is so much variety out there now in organic beauty lines that we don’t need to accept these in our products anymore. For example the product lines I stock in my ‘Toxic-Free Beauty Shop’ are organic, affordable and give you amazing results.

If you are ready to ditch the toxins from your beauty cabinet and need help finding the best products for your skin and your needs I offer an amazing service, one of a kind actually, called Beauty Cabinet Makeovers.

Well I hope you found this post helpful beautiful. Share below what you found most interesting about this video and share this post with any friends you think will find this helpful.

To Health & Beauty, Dani xx

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