How to Keep ‘The Winter Scaly Skin’ Away

Winter Scaly Skin

It’s coming to that time of year again, where the scaly arms and legs appear. You start to hide them in long pants during the day and even in the evenings from your partner as they start to resemble some sort of reptile animals limbs. As we talked about in my post here, your skin is the largest organ of your body but is the last organ to receive any nutrients or minerals from the foods we eat. Every other cell and organ in the body are nourished first so our skin really needs our help in winter when you consider we are usually battling colds and flus and harsh cold temperatures. Well say goodbye to dry scaly legs as I share with you today 5 tips to luscious smooth skin that will take you right through until summer.

1. Ditch the Chemicals

Say goodbye to your toxic riddled body butters & moisturisers girls you don’t need them and they sure as hell aren’t doing anything worth while for your skin. Check out my list of ingredients to kick to the curb if you don’t believe me. Many of the ingredients in your skincare products dehydrate and damage your skin and add to the scaliness, yikes!

2. Turn Down The Heat

I’m sorry to say it, as I too do enjoy them myself, but you are going to have to turn down the hot water in the shower and in the bath tub. The hot water strips your precious acid mantle & leaves your skin dry & exposed to the elements. And while we are on this topic never stick your head straight under the shower head, this can damage the skin and your capillaries leading to sensitivity, redness and even rosacea. Always use a clean face cloth instead. By turning down the heat (the ideal temperature is luke warm) your skin will love you for it by remaining smooth and glowing.

3. Go a Little Nutty

Coconuts are a girls best friend. Their oil protects our skin from the sun & makes our skin glow in summer and winter. The MCFAs (medium chain fatty acids) re-establish our acid mantle (that may have been washed off in our scorching hot shower!!), lubricates and softens the skin. Read more about this amazing oil in my post here. Ahh plus that coconut smell brings back memories of summer days on the beach…

4. Brush it Out (or Scrub it)

Body brushing and body exfoliation (scrubs) should be an important pat of your self care routine at anytime of the year as they stimulate your lymphatic system. The lymphatic system processes toxins and any nasty bugs, germs or viruses out of our bodies. This system is actually the one we refer to a lot as our immune system- but more about that another time. By continuing to body brush and/or exfoliate with a scrub in winter you will be removing dry skin cells from the surface of the skin and revealing the plump healthy skin cells underneath whilst helping your body keep the nasty winter cold away. Win! The best way to body brush and exfoliate is to start at your feet always sweeping up towards your nodes, which live at the back of your knees, in the groin, armpits and décolletage.

5. Eat for Beauty

Eating seasonally is really important when it comes to providing your body with the minerals and nutrients it needs to keep your skin glowing through all of the different seasons throughout the year. The best way to ensure that you are eating seasonally is to shop at your local farmers markets, buy locally grown fruit and veggies or take a look at this list here. Make sure you are eating as much organic produce as possible to help keep your chemical load down in the body, these only prematurely age you and by releasing free radicals and making your liver work hard to detox them. Tuning in and listening to the body is really important, and we naturally crave heavier, fattier foods in winter to keep the body warm and also to keep it hydrated and the skin moisturised whilst it is being exposed to harsh temperatures. Do not be scared of eating vegetable fats like coconut oils, olive oils and flax seed oils, and why not pop some on your skin too. Coconut oil makes a beautiful lip gloss.

Do you battle from very dry skin in winter? How do you keep the scaly reptile skin away? I would love you to share what you do in the comments section below.

To Health & Beauty,
Dani xxx

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