Hungry for Change?

Hungry for change

My journey to health and wellness and living the life that I love has been an exciting, sometimes hard and lonely path at times, but well worth all of the ups and downs. I totally understand that at times it can feel like no one understands you, or even whether you understand what it is you are doing and why. One of the most amazing resources I found on my journey where documentaries, sometimes it was nice to take a break from researching and reading and watch some truly inspirational peeps talk about their findings, their experiences and why it is so important that we live cleaner, healthier organic lifestyles. One of those amazing doco’s is being super generous and is screening their movie for FREE from today until the 31st March. To buy this movie you are looking at paying at least $29.95 for it, so this is super exciting that you can access it for free!
This is no gimmick my beauties this movie literally changed my husband and my lives. If you have friends or family members that are struggling with the changes you are trying to make or the information you are trying to re-educate them with about our food and lifestyle choices, take a break and get them to sit down and watch this with you. This is such a well done movie with some of the most amazing health and wellness leaders from around the world featured in this film such as Dr. Alejandro Junger, Dr. Christiane Northrup, David Wolfe, Dr. Joseph Mercola, Jason Vale and many more.

Jump on over to the Hungry for Change website and watch it!

I want to hear all about how you found it honey, plus I love talking health and wellness with fellow peeps. So shoot me through an email and let me know once you have watched it! I am gonna watch it again tonight! Excited!!!

Have a beautiful weekend darling.
To Health & Beauty,
Dani xx

P.S. Just so you know I do not get any kick backs for you going and watching this movie, except a warm fuzzy feeling that I have helped you discover an amazing movie that can literally change your life if you let it. Information is the key to the golden castle my friends xxx

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