It’s Time For An Attitude Revolution

TahleeDid you know that you do not have to be some sort of super woman or man to live a full, healthy, happy life? Over the next coming days I am going to introduce you to some special women I have met whilst on my journey to wellness and wellbeing. I know that these women will inspire you and help you realise that you can overcome any present obstacles you are encountering on your journey and that you can achieve anything you put your mind to! I feel so blessed to have met these inspirational women and I am so excited for you to meet them too!!

Are you sick of hating your body? Do you struggle daily with the image that stares back at you in the mirror? Do you deprive yourself of food to lose weight, binge to reward yourself, or to comfort yourself? Like a lot of men and women today Tahlee too used to suffer from a distortion of her body image but through a lot of soul searching, healing and self-love she discovered how to turn this all around and now lives a self-loved, conscious, inspiring life! Through Tahlee’s revolutionary site ‘Attitude Revolution’ and her personal training she helps others do a 180 degree turn towards loving who they are and the body they’re in. Find out how Tahlee turned her life around in her answers to my 2 questions below…

What was your ‘call’ to change, to live a healthier more conscious self-love filled life?

My call came in the form of pervasive unhappiness. I really hated my body and I didn’t understand why I couldn’t lose weight and keep it off. I would wake up in the morning, look at my body and burst into tears. And the worse I felt about my body the worse I treated it.

When I was stressed or unhappy, I would comfort myself with food. When I was happy or felt accomplished, I would reward myself with food. Then I would try to undo all the damage by whipping myself into shape with punishing workouts.

When physical methods (diets, gym memberships, even pole dancing) didn’t work to shift the weight or to make me happy, I turned to a mental method and tried Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to “fix” my weight issues. I had some success but still it just didn’t “stick” and I yo-yoed again.

It wasn’t until what I call my “da-doi” moment that I realised I had a disordered perception of food, exercise and my body. I felt there was an emotional driver to this behaviour that required emotional healing. I was blessed to receive the support of an amazing healer through counselling and hypnotherapy. I unlocked years of misery, completely transformed my life and learned to love and respect my body.

What is your dream, your message you want to share with the world?

“Change your mind about your body.”

You may have struggled, despaired and hated on your body for years, but you can change. Sustainable, joyful health is possible and all it requires is a shift in attitude. Loving yourself is the first step towards nurturing and respecting your body. Health and wellbeing follow with ease and become a natural part of your life.

She’s pretty amazing right? She is even more amazing in person! You should see this girl when she is training. In a session with Tahlee you discover things about yourself that you’d never realised. She helps you connect with yourself on a whole other level and helps light a fire in you that propels you into your life and motivates you to make healthy life style choices for the right reasons.

If Tahlee’s Attitude Revolution resonates with you please head on over to her amazingly inspirational site and say hi, I know she would love to hear from you!

What do you think its going to take for you to start loving your body?

Attitude RevolutionWebsite: The Attitude Revoltuion
Twitter: @ituderevolution

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