Keep ants & spiders out naturally

We love animals but we want them to stay outside where they belong please! This is your natural bug spray solution.


Ants stay away!

I don’t know what your place is like at the moment but with all this rain we have ants everywhere! We stopped buying surface spray years ago and a few ants here and there don’t bother me. The other day though I came home to a small army of them in my kitchen searching high and low for shelter perhaps? food? I’m not sure. Lucky for me ‘there’s an oil for that’ so I made up a natural spray that will nicely deter the ants from making home in my kitchen. I don’t want to kill them I would just rather they go hang out somewhere else.

The natural solution

Ant Go Away Spray:

10 drops peppermint oil
2 tablespoons of Witch Hazel
Fill rest of bottle up with filtered water
I used a 300ml spray bottle for this

It did take the ants a little while to move on and on day 2 there was still a few hanging around but they didn’t break anything and they have all gone home now so no harm no fowl!

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