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Positivity pimpAre you living the life you’ve dreamed about? Do you love the life you have built for yourself or are you living the life you ‘should’ be living, because it’s expected or preplanned for you? Have you participated in creating a life you don’t want to be part of? Do you want to make a change but not sure how? Do you feel trapped? No way out? You are not alone…

Today the inspirational women I am introducing to you is my beautiful friend Jenn all the way from Dublin, Ireland! Jenn is one cool chicky that has turned her frown upside down, has taken the plunge and totally changed her life from what it was just merely 12 months ago and is now a Positvity Pimp! She has a hugely inspirational blog were she shares her personal journey of change, health, wellness and self-love. Check out Jenn’s answers below to my 2 questions to see how she turned her life around and started living a self-loved, happy life…

What was your ‘call’ to change, to live a healthier more conscious self-love filled life?

Less than a year ago my life changed completely. I was twenty-five years old and on my way to living the life I always thought I wanted for myself. Secure job – Check! Education in the bag – Check! A fiancé – Check! Wedding planning – Check! Buying a home – Check!

Everything seemed to be falling into place nicely, yet I couldn’t shake a feeling in the pit of my stomach that something just wasn’t quite right. Of course I ignored it and ploughed on. This was supposed to be everything that I had ever wanted and I was supposed to be feeling on top of the world. Yet my gut feelings got louder and louder as months went on, and the louder they got the more I tried to suppress it. To the outside world I was the smiling girl who had it all in the palm of her hands, but the situation on the inside was a completely different story. I felt so guilty for feeling the way I did and I started beating myself up about it. I started to believe there was actually something wrong with me. Who in their right mind would be feeling so down about all of these amazing things?!

Eventually things became too much, I was crying over the silliest thing, I couldn’t concentrate, my work was deteriorating, and my relationships were in turmoil. I was exhausted; mentally and physically … then I was diagnosed with depression. At that time I just needed everything to STOP.

My call to change came in June 2011. I decided to listen to my gut feelings, take a break from my relationship and put the wedding plans on hold. I moved back home to live with my parent’s. I quit my job and decided not to return to teaching for the foreseeable future. Some people thought I was being erratic but I knew the moment I made those choices that I was doing the ‘right’ thing – for me. For the first time in months I felt good, I felt relaxed, and I felt calm. But then I had the looming question ‘What next?’… What was I really going to do with my life, what did I really want? Honestly, I had no idea. I had just turned my back on the life I had thought I always wanted. I knew nothing else. Fear and panic set in. What if I was being silly and stupid? What if I was making the biggest mistake of my life?! That fear paralyzed me. I’d stay in bed, refusing to face the real world, burying my head under the covers, hoping and praying that one morning I would wake up and this nightmare would be over.

I knew there had to be a better way of living; I just didn’t know how to find the break through.

My brother came to me and handed me the book ‘The Power’ by Rhonda Byrne. I had heard of ‘The Secret’ and the ‘Law of Attraction’, but quite frankly I had no idea what it really was and in my mind it was gibberish that I didn’t want to waste my time on. Yet, my brother was a believer and his life was busting at the seams with happiness. He said to me ‘If you insist on staying in bed, at least read this, it might help.’

A quote from that book jaunted me back to reality –
“Prosperity is your birthright and you hold the key to more abundance – in every area of your life – than you can possibly imagine. You deserve every good thing that you want, and the Universe will give you every good thing you want, but you have to summon it into your life. The Secret is that you have the key. The key is your thoughts and feelings. And you have been holding the key in your hand all of your life.”

Truly, for the first time in my life I believed that I was fully in control of my life. I was the one who made the decisions and all the things that I dreamed about were a possibility. Before I believed that things just happened, a pre-destination of sorts. I had no idea of the power I had in my life. It lit a magical hunger within me and I was fired up to embrace new changes.

The process was slow and steady. I began meditating. I began visualizing. I changed my habits and put new rituals in place. I began following inspiring blogs such as In Spaces Between, A Life of Perfect Days, Dream.Delight.Inspire, and of course Destination Wellness and Wellbeing. The beautiful ladies behind these blogs made me realize that there were other strong females out there living the kind of life I wanted for myself. They were following the beat of their own drum and they left me feeling energized and motivated. I discovered the work of Gabrielle Bernstein – a major influence in my search for connecting to my higher power or my Inner ‘~ING’; Marie Forello, and Danielle La Porte; all outrageously inspiring ladies, and all living their own truth. It was a combination of all of these fabulous people and resources that lead me to living a healthier more conscious self-love filled life.

What is your dream, your message you want to share with the world?

My message is quite simple – live your truth. You can be, do, and have whatever you desire for yourself. Don’t waste time living a life you feel you should. Don’t feel obligated to do anything that you don’t really want to do. Listen to your heart, it will never steer you wrong. Everything that you want and need is up to you to make it happen. Carve your own niche and follow your own path. Define what success means to you and then pursue it wholeheartedly. Nourish your mind and body. Honor yourself. Give yourself permission. Be your own hero. Embrace your fears, and then proceed anyway. Squeeze the life out of life. Give thanks. Help others. Just be the best ‘You’ that you can be. My dream would be that at some point we all discover how remarkable we all are. It’s never too late for that fresh start.

Isn’t this lady just a gem! I hope she has ignited that spark within you that knows anything is possible and that you have everything you ever needed to make it happen. Believe in yourself, just as Jenn did, and start making those changes today. We are all rooting for you my love!

Please go check out Jenn’s inspirational blog ‘Positivity Pimp’ and say hello, I know she would absolutely love to hear from you. She has also just recently been nominated for the Ireland Blog Awards, so if you love her blog as much as I do please click on the link on her blog and vote for her!

What changes can you make to start living the life you want?

Connect with Jenn at…

JennWebsite: Positivity Pimp
Facebook: facebook.com/#!/PositivityPimp
Twitter: @positivitypimp

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