Find Your Perfect (Foundation Colour) Match

find your perfect match- foundation

Finding the right colour can be confusing at the best of times right? Then you decide to change to a natural mineral foundation. Holy moly finding your right match just got tough again, how are you ever going to find the right one for you?!

Finding your perfect match really does depend on a number of factors and don’t worry if you have got it wrong, most chickies do and with all the different advice out there on the right way to do it no wonder!

Let me tell you now though, the best match is a foundation that looks like you are not wearing any foundation. That is the goal. If you get all of the below right, you should have this in the bag.

I’m going to share with you today my top tips to finding your perfect (foundation colour) match.

What is your undertone?

Your undertone generally will never change, this is the tone under your skins complexion and explains why different ‘medium’ foundations for example look completely different on you, because the undertones are different.

There are 3 main undertone types:

Cool (pink, red or bluish undertones)

Warm (yellow or golden undertones)

Neutral (a mix of warm and cool undertones)

Some include olive as a separate category, so that would make it number four, but most consider it neutral.

To find your undertone experts say that the best way is to look at the veins on the inside of your wrist. If your veins appear blue you have a cool undertone, if they appear greenish you have a warm undertone and if you cannot tell you are neutral. Most of us Australian beauties are a neutral undertone.

What is your complexion?

Complexions come is three main categories Fair, Medium and Dark and determine the intensity of the foundation colour.

The foundation complexion will look different depending on the undertone of the foundation. This is why it is super important that you know your undertone then it will be easier to find the right foundation for you that looks natural as you have it matched to your undertone and complexion.

Your complexion is something that changes depending on the time of year, weather, your health etc but

Where is the best place to match? Face, neck or chest?

Well my opinion is that it depends on the individual. Everyone is different and it really depends on whether there is a huge difference between the colour of your face and décolletage (Chest). If your face is noticeably whiter match your foundation to your chest. This is usually the case if you tend to wear a lot of sunscreen on your face.

If there is no real difference between your décolletage and face match the foundation on your jaw line. This will give you the closest match as your cheeks tend to be pinker than the rest of your face.

I also strongly recommend always having a bronzer on site. This way if your foundation is a little light due to the season you can blend the colour by using a little bronzer on your cheeks and neck. Bronzer also gives you a beautiful healthy glow to your cheeks.

I hope these ‘perfect match’ tips have helped gorgeous. This is the exact techniques I use for my clients for photoshoots, weddings and special occasions to get the perfect match everytime! It results in flawless, glowing, beautiful skin.

Share below how you colour match and whether you find it works for you. I would love to hear from you. And if you have any questions fire away!

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