A natural solution for blocked milk ducts

A natural solution to blocked milk ducts may be solved by using cabbage leaves and essential oils. Could it be that easy? Yes!

When you are breastfeeding it is important to use natural organic ingredients as to avoid anything being passed onto bub through breast milk.


Breastfeeding has got to be one of the hardest things I have ever done. I would go as far as to say it’s even harder than child birth! The physical and emotional demands it has on you are huge. Though the reward far outways these and that is why after 11 months I am still choosing to continue to breastfeed my bub, I’m the first to admit I have found it challenging.

One of the things I have really struggled with are blocked milk ducts. I have heard many ‘well endowed’ mummas can suffer from this too and that has definitely been the case for me. And before you ask, yes bub is latching properly. I find though, that if he starts to feed a lot throughout the night, because he is teething and in pain or his immune system is fighting something off, that is when I tend to get them.

I did experience blocked milk ducts alot when bub was a newborn and that was because he did have issues latching on my right side. I have not had a blocked milk duct now though for at least 4-6 months.

When I had blocked milk ducts recently I tried the usual things that I have always done. Showers, massage, warm and cold compresses and I also used a green jade facial roller (totally amazing it is cooling and easy to use while bf’ing bub) but I was not having any success. The area was getting worse, sore, hot and red plus I was starting to get flu like symptoms. This concerned me as I did not want it to develop into mastitis.

That’s when I remembered ‘there’s an oil for that’ and looked up how I could use my essential oils to support me.

The natural solution

In a 10ml roller bottle I added:
5 drops Lavender
5 drops Frankincense
5 drops Tea Tree

The above blend was applied  to the area, making sure to avoid the nipple, every hour. A cabbage leaf was then applied over the top of the essential oils and inflamed area of the breast.

I found within the first hour that the heat & redness had reduced quite a lot.  This was a real game changer and the first time in days I’d had some relief. The cabbage leaves where so cool from the fridge it offered so much relief and was way less akward then having freezing cold ice packs down my top!

I found that by regularly changing the cabbage leaf and by applying the oils hourly, within 24-48 hours my symptoms had completely disappeared and the redness had disappeared.


I still breastfeed bub throughout the night regularly (generally 5+ times). When I slept I did not change the leaf or apply oils and I did mainly breast fed from the unaffected breast so that the cabbage  leaves and essential oils did not bother bub.

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