Reconnect with your Natural Beauty

Meditation Facial MP3 Cover

Are you ready to connect with your Natural Beauty?


Holy Cow! I am SUPER excited to announce a special product I have designed especially for you my beauties!

Drum roll please…It is a Meditation Facial!

I have worked in collaboration with the amazing Tahlee from The Attitude Revolution to bring you this  meditation facial track because:

  • I want everyone of you to have access to the healing capabilities of a facial daily and;
  • I want your skin to glow with vibrancy, health and wellness

How amazing do you feel during and after a facial?

Some of my clients have commented that facials put them in a meditative state. That for that hour they are in the salon, their mind quietens, there are no distractions like phone calls or social media and they can just be. They are present and in their body.

It can be hard to find the time (or the money) to look after our skin and book in for a beautiful organic facial regularly and so I want to bring this little bit of peace and presence to you daily if you’ll let me, with my Forever Glow Meditation Facial.

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Did you know…

Every single thought we think has a chemical reaction in our body. (Click here to tweet this)

Crazy right?

Depending on what your thought is,  will determine whether it’s impact has a positive or negative influence on your body.

The thoughts you think can impact your skin.

Stress is one of the biggest downers when it comes to vibrant, healthy, glowing skin.

Let’s get real for a moment and tell me, have you ever seen a stressed out, angry or depressed person with glowing vibrant skin?

No way! Their skin is usually sallow looking, maybe really flushed a bright red or pink, usually lines are pretty evident and they just look unwell right?

I want you to use this meditation to help you ditch the toxic thoughts from your mind. To flush away any stress from your day. To help your body, right down to your very cells and the DNA in your cells to heal, rejuvenate, oxygenate and fill with glowing light.

This meditation facial is for you if you:

  • Want assistance in reversing the signs of ageing (meditation can help give you a youthful vibrancy and glow)
  • Want to assist your body in healing your acne (meditation helps balance the body in turn impacting your hormones and digestion)
  • Suffer from psoriasis, eczema or dermatitis (did you know these skin conditions can be emotionally driven or influenced?)
  • Would like glowing, vibrant healthy skin
  • Need to bring some relaxation time into your life
  • Are stressed out
  • Are feeling fatigued and run down

This meditation is not for you if you:

  • Are expecting to see changes in your skin overnight (this ain’t no miracle cure)
  • Are not prepared to adopt healthy eating habits, lifestyle, and ditch the toxins in your beauty cabinet
  •  Do not dedicate 10 mins a day (or at least a couple times a week) without distractions

Meditation is such a healing practice. It quietens that monkey mind, if only for a few minutes.

Each time you listen to this track I would love for you  to go on a journey into your body and imagine that your skin is healing, rejuvenating and glowing with health. With each breathe in imagine that your cells are being given all of the building blocks they need to heal your acne, eczema, wrinkles or whatever it may be that you are concerned about. Feel your body buzz with energy as the music soothes and softens any stress in your body, any nasty or worrying thoughts you may have of your skin and your appearance. Make this 10 minutes you have put aside to listen to this track, your sacred time for you.

Because I love being super generous and want each and everyone of you to dedicate 10 minutes to your beautiful skin a day I am offering this track for half price!!!

That’s right! I love you guys so much!

But it is only for the next 24 hours so don’t miss out and purchase your copy.

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This track is a downloadable purchase and the link will visible for you at the end of checkout and will also be emailed to you after purchase.


Tell me below in the comments, do you currently meditate. Have you used meditation in the past to heal a skin condition or illness. I would love to hear from you.

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  1. Alana Wimmer October 18, 2013 at 1:17 pm #

    BEST IDEA! Thanks Dani!

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