Find Your Perfect (Foundation Colour) Match

Finding the right colour can be confusing at the best of times right? Then you decide to change to a natural mineral foundation. Holy moly finding your right match just got tough again, how are you ever going to find the right one for you?! Finding your perfect match really does depend on a number […]

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A Beautiful Break- Fraser Island

As some of you may know it was my birthday last Friday and my amazing husband whisked me away for a surprise birthday 4 day getaway. We usually religiously go on holidays every year but for the last 2 years we have both been hustling our butts of in our careers and have not had the […]

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Go Green With Your Beauty Routine

  Regular readers of Forever Glow know how passionate I am about every woman ditching the toxins from here beauty cabinet and switching to natural, organic skincare and cosmetic products. Today I have a video for you to watch from Huffington Post. Here they are interviewing celebrity makeup artist Katey Denno. She talks about the 5 most common […]

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[Gift Ideas] When it all gets too hard this Christmas

It’s that time of year again! Christmas time! You head to the shops to pick up some gifts for your team, your boss, your loved ones. And as usual it’s the same ol’ options to choose from that are in your price range. Perfume packs. Skincare packs. Hair care packs. But you know they are […]

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Forever Glow Facial Meditation {An interview with the co-creator Tahlee}

In this video you will find out: How Tahlee & I collaborated and why The intention that this track was created with What is so special about this meditation track What you need to do when listening to this track How this track can benefit you, your skin & your life P.S. Get your copy […]

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Reconnect with your Natural Beauty

Are you ready to connect with your Natural Beauty?   Holy Cow! I am SUPER excited to announce a special product I have designed especially for you my beauties! Drum roll please…It is a Meditation Facial! I have worked in collaboration with the amazing Tahlee from The Attitude Revolution to bring you this  meditation facial […]

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Ingredients to Ditch- Sulfates

Today I am introducing a new video segment ‘Ingredients To Ditch’ to help you clean out your beauty cabinet and ditch the toxins. The very first ingredient we are going to look at today are Sulfates. The one that is of particular concern is Sodium Lauryl Sulfate which you may have heard of before. This […]

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How To: Apply Zuii Organic Powder Foundation

Do you have trouble applying mineral foundation powders? There is definitely a trip to applying them and a perfect finish everytime. Check out my latest ‘HOW TO’ video for my tips and tricks for perfect makeup every time. You might also like to check out my video on How To: Apply Zuii Organic Liquid Foundation […]

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How To: Apply Zuii Organic Liquid Foundation

This is a post especially for my beautiful clients that have ditched the toxins and switched over to the gorgeous Zuii Organic liquid foundation. I have had a few clients struggle with applying it just right so I have done this video post for you to show you how a makeup artist does it. I […]

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Makeup and Self-Love (Video)

This week is Body Image Awareness week and self-love is a hot topic at the moment. I wanted to raise a question to you in relation to this “Does wearing makeup, doing your hair, wearing the latest fashion mean that you don’t have self-love”? Because from time to time I have seen this insinuated and […]

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