Product Review: Chi Coconut Water

Product Rev- Chi coconut waterCoconut water is one of my favourite things to drink and is a staple in our house hold, we buy it by the litre. You have proberbly heard a lot about it of late as many more retailers are now stocking it and there are a lot more companies manufactoring it. I was lucky to recently receive a sample of Chi Coconut water.
It was absolutely delicious as expected. The thing that I liked about Chi Coconut water was the packaging, a lot of others need to be drunk with a straw but with the screw top on the Chi you can sip it at your leasure or put it back in the fridge and finish it later. Another thing I like about Chi is that it is quite reasonably priced. They have a great online store also where you can buy it and get a whole case delivered straight to your door.

The reason I love coconut water is for its nutritional benefits, it is way better for you and tastier than any soft drink or cordial and it can even be added to your summer cocktails to spruce them up a bit and add that coconutty flavour! My husband and I love to use it as an energy drink, we mix it with some green tea, rasberry tea and stevia.

Some of the benefits of coconut water are:

  • It is packed with simple sugar, electrolytes, and minerals to replenish hydration levels within the body
  • Rehydrates the body quicker than water
  • It contains naturally occurring bioactive enzymes. These enzymes help in the digestion and metabolism.
  • Is a very good source of B-complex vitamins, these are needed in the body and can only be sourced from foods.
  • Has a very high amount of potassium which is an electrolyte in the body that helps with hydration. Coconut water actually contains more potassium than a bannana.
  • Contains a small amount of the anti-oxidant Vitamin- C
  • Contains lauric acids which helps to balance our gut flora, and in effect helps promote healthy digestive function and boosts the immune system

These are just some of the wonderful things you will benefit from when you drink this magical drink. It is really important when buying it though that you check that it is 100% coconut water and that it contains no added sugars. You also want to insure that it is in tetra packaging on thick cans as coconut water can be damaged when it is exposed to light. If you can drink it out of the coconut that is even better!

If you are interested in gettting your hands on some of this taty, butrient packed water the lovely fock at Chi Coconut water are offering 10% off and free postage for the month of September. All you have to do is type in SEPT when you order. So get clicking and head on over.

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