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Are you ready to make some changes in your life so that 2013 is the epic year you know it wants to be? I know I am . If you want to find out how this could become your reality read on ’cause I have a treat for you today!
Two years ago I was in a totally different place mentally, physically and spiritually. I was working in a job that was stressful and depressing, I hated my body and I felt like my life was passing me by. Inside I knew I was made for greater things that the monotonous daily grind but I had no idea what it was. or where I’d find it. From the outside everything in my life looked as it should be. I was married, owned a house, had a well paying job and a career path laid out in front of me but it was not exciting, it didn’t light me up and I sure as hell was not jumping out of bed in the morning excited about what the day would bring.

Fast forward two years and by gosh has my life turned around! I have been on one hell of a journey to the depths of my soul and back to find out what I love, who I am and what I am here to do in this lifetime. I have learnt so much, and have some grandma wisdom tips up my sleeve from my journey. I have wiped the slate clean, have let go of “what I think, I think everyone expects, thinks or says I should do” and now live with purpose, direction, passion and inspiration. I know what I’m here to do. It scared the ba-geeb-ers out of me at times but I have amazing support around me.

I have been able to create a life and a job that encompasses all of my knowledge and life skills and is one that I jump out of bed for in the morning. Darling I totally want to help you live you organically beautiful life! Everything you need and more is right in front of you and I am so excited to tell you today that I am here to help you do just that!

I am so passionate about healthy, clean, living encompassing the mind, body and spirit. I want to support you in making healthy changes in your life with your diet, skin care products and relationships, career and lifestyle. I want to help you live THE VERY BEST life you can possibly live and that is why I am offering 3 lucky people the opportunity to win 4 weeks ‘Beautiful Me” health & beauty coaching with me!!!

My coaching is a WHOLE-ISTIC approach, no stone is left unturn. My program is specifically tailored for you, because every one is different, special and an individual. This is the first time I am running this program and I am super duper excited for you to join me. If you win this package you will need to do in return is provide feedback on the program so that you can help me design the most supportive coaching package possible for our Organically Beautiful community.

This coaching is for you if:
You want a caring, dedicated and empathetic coach
Need an infusion of inspiration and passion in your life
Need advice on how to kick toxins to the curb from your beauty products through to your relationships
want advice on how to incorporate healthy foods into your diet that will nourish your body
you are open to trying different things such as meditation, visualisation, journaling, new foods, essential oils etc to help you de-clutter your mind and body so that your truth can step forward.
want someone who will be your personal cheerleader, there next to you the whole way supporting you to to make change through small steps
are ready to actively participate in your health and well-being
want to discover the confidence to create the life you want & shine your light for the world to see
comfortable with providing feedback

TO WIN: inbox me at and tell me “What changes you need support making this year?”. That’s it! How easy is that? I will then pick at random Thursday 7th March 3 lucky winners!

I am going to support you to make ‘big changes in small steps’ gorgeous. I am your personal cheerleader dedicated to your health and well-being!

To Health & Beauty,
Dani xx

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